• Everything You Need to Know About Torsion Springs

    Torsion Springs

    What are Torsion Springs in a Garage Door?

    Torsion springs are what make it possible to open and close your garage door. Therefore, it’s essential to be familiar with what they are, how they work, and when you may need garage door repair services for a broken spring.

    1. What Are They?

    Torsion springs are placed on the pulley wheel of your garage door, and they’re designed to tighten when the garage door is raised. As the door is lowered, this tension is released. The force is transferred into the wheels of the garage door, which makes it easier for you to guide the door down the track.

    There are significant differences among products in terms of the amount of tension that can be stored in the springs, the material that they are made from, and the specific system that they are designed for. That is why it is important to choose a replacement that is designed for your specific garage door system.

    1. What Are They Made From?

    Torsion springs are made from dense materials, which allow them to store more energy than conventional springs. While multiple types of materials are used in garage door openers, they all fall into one of a few main categories. In most cases, the spring will be made from stainless steel. This is considered to be one of the best materials for a garage door torsion spring. However, the springs can also be made from any of the following materials:

    • Non-steel Alloys
    • Chrome Vanadium
    • Chrome Silicon
    • Titanium
    • Beryllium Copper
    • Phosphor Bronze
    1. How Many Times Can a Torsion Spring Be Used?

    The average torsion spring will last around 10,000 uses. However, this will vary significantly from one product to another. It’s important to be familiar with the signs of torsion spring failure. These are a few things that you’ll notice if the spring is failing:

    • In some cases, there will be squealing or groaning sounds coming from the spring. This is a very strong sign that it could fail very soon.
    • The door will not open and close at the same speed each time.
    • The door may open only a few inches due to a safety mechanism that keeps it from going up and down more than a few inches if the weight is not distributed correctly.
    • If the spring has failed, you will hear a loud popping sound.

    If your garage door spring has broken or is on the verge of failure, be sure to contact Giel Garage Doors to get it repaired or replaced right away.

  • Benefits of Investing in a Pergola System for Your Deck or Patio

    Pergola System

    Advantages of Installing a Pergola in Your Yard

    Pergolas are striking outdoor structures that provide numerous benefits. You can transform your home’s deck or patio by installing a pergola system that perfectly matches your existing aesthetic. If you’re interested in renovating your home, raising your property value, and increasing your comfort, check out these four benefits to a pergola system:

    Protection From the Wind

    Pergolas made from durable materials can generally withstand harsh weather conditions. Pergolas will also help shield your deck or patio from damages caused by rain, snow, and storms. A pergola system by Equinox or Sunair can be built as an attachment to the house, providing even greater stability and further protection.

    Greater Landscaping Opportunity

    If you enjoy gardening, you will be excited about all the possibilities a pergola offers your backyard. In addition to greater protection for boxed and potted plants, a pergola can support flora such as vines, ivies, and climbing followers. A trellis can add extra shade and cover one side of your pergola to create a nature-inspired design that’s both inviting and beautiful.

    Shade During Summer Months

    You love spending time outdoors, but it can be difficult to avoid sun exposure without adequate protection. Pergolas offer shade that encompasses your entire outdoor seating area, so you and your family can stay cool, avoid sunburns, and spend more time outdoors during the summertime.

    However, if you want to enjoy some of the fresh air and sunshine, a retractable pergola system may be the solution. You can retract the canopy whenever you want sunlight and extend it when you need shade and protection.

    Hundreds of Design Options

    You can custom design your pergola to reflect your design. Your backyard is an extension of your home, and it should naturally flow from the aesthetic you’ve worked hard to establish indoors. You can choose from various styles, such as attached and free-standing models, louvered, and sun-only designs.

    At Giel Garage Doors, we offer different frameworks, canopy shapes, and fabric options that give you complete control over the final look and style of your pergola. If you would like a free estimate and more information about our residential pergola systems, contact us today.

  • Benefits of Roll-Up Commercial Garage Doors

    Garage Doors

    Three Advantages of a Commercial Roll-Up Door

    When it comes to selecting a garage door, many business owners are unsure which type to choose. Every commercial door has its distinct traits.

    For many businesses, overhead roll-up doors are the best for their needs. This sort of door is easy to use and, in most instances, allows the use of a remote. Not only that, but it also guarantees a quick installation. Here are a few advantages of commercial roll-up doors:

    1. Roll-Up Doors Provide Excellent Insulation

    Because rolling steel doors are made of metal and Styrofoam, the doors have more than adequate insulation. So whether your area is incredibly hot or cold, your company will be well-insulated thanks to the roll-up door. This is great for your energy bills, as they will stay low because of the extra insulation. Insulated doors are a popular choice among business owners because of their energy efficiency. Roll-up doors can be used as garage doors or window coverings.

    1. Roll-Up Doors Require Less Space

    Whenever it comes to warehousing, there is no substitute for space. When a roll-up garage door opens, it rolls upward and stores in a barrel above the opening. Other door alternatives, such as those that open inward or slide along grooves, frequently take up more room.

    1. Overhead Roll-Up Doors Involve Minimal Upkeep

    Rolling steel doors are designed to withstand a great deal of stress. Hail, snow and wind aren’t a problem for this type of door. These types of doors also defy rust fairly well. Roll-up garage doors are frequently equipped with features that protect them from various types of harm when opened and closed. Furthermore, these doors are resistant to cracking, buckling and shattering.

    You can count on a roll-up shutter door to meet your needs, save space, keep the workplace secure, and save you money on energy bills. To learn more about roll-up garage doors, contact Giel Garage Doors.

  • Everything You Need to Know About Commercial Pedestrian Doors

    Commercial Pedestrian Doors

    All You Need to Know About Commercial Pedestrian Doors

    No discussion of commercial building design is complete without addressing pedestrian doors. The doors available on the market today are built with safety, security, and privacy in mind. They are able to withstand climate conditions and tough use in office buildings, retail stores, hospitals, schools, warehouses, and manufacturing industries. Giel Garage Doors offers a wide selection.

    Steel Pedestrian Doors

    These commercial doors are made of steel, which means they offer high durability and security. Manufactured with metal sheets that are wrapped around insulation, they are sturdy, thick, and come with locking systems embedded inside.

    Wood Pedestrian Doors

    Front-end commercial doors made from wood may not be the most viable choice, but they are apt for interior applications. These doors are made from thin wood veneer sheets with a composite core interior. They may be sensitive to extreme weather conditions, so they should be placed accordingly.

    Aluminum with Glass Pedestrian Doors

    These doors are used extensively in commercial establishments due to their sleek, clean, and sophisticated appearance. They are also low maintenance, durable, and sturdy.

    Fiberglass Pedestrian Doors

    Fiberglass doors are very durable and a great option if you are looking for long-lasting and affordable commercial doors.

    Automatic vs. Manual Pedestrian Doors

    These door types differ in how they operate. While manual doors offer simplicity in terms of design, automatic doors are energy-efficient, provide better security features and greater accessibility, and have a modern appeal.

    Other Pedestrian Door Types

    Other commercial pedestrian door types include full glass doors and overhead doors. While the former is utilized mainly for decorative reasons, the latter is preferred in warehouses, docks, and storage facilities. Additional commercial doors, categorized based on their functionality, include roll-up doors, fire-rated doors, commercial man door varieties, and scissor gates.

    A commercial pedestrian door has a life expectancy as mentioned in its manufacturer’s warranty, so if yours is approaching that noted mark, it’s wise to replace the door as soon as possible. Today’s doors are designed with energy-efficiency factors. Not only will a new door save energy, but it will also offer much-needed convenience and security.

    To learn more about the pedestrian doors available at Giel Garage doors, browse our selection here.

  • How to Choose Garage Door Windows

    Garage Door Windows

    5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Garage Door Windows

    As with every window and door you select for your home, garage door windows play a crucial role in establishing a style. But they also add an element of functionality and purpose. Here’s a list of factors to help you choose the right window for your residential garage door.

    1. Natural Light

    One of the benefits of garage door windows is that they allow natural light to flow into the garage. This means you won’t have to rely on light fixtures to light up your garage except during nighttime. This can be convenient during the day when you just need to quickly grab or store something in the garage.

    1. Curb Appeal

    If you have a front-facing garage door, having a window that matches the pattern, texture, and style of the rest of your home’s windows can go a long way toward enhancing your property’s curb appeal and value. With the selection of windows available from Giel Garage Doors, it’s easy to find an option that will match your decoration theme.

    1. Heavy Windows

    Heavy windows are generally more durable. However, it’s important to keep in mind that they will also add more weight to the entire door structure. This means you may have to upgrade the spring system to handle the extra weight.

    1. Insulated Windows

    The best way to maintain the energy efficiency and functionality of your garage door is to purchase windows that are insulated. Adding life to your garage door requires the same careful considerations dedicated to other features in your home.

    1. Safety and Privacy

    Today’s residential garage door styles incorporate elements of safety and privacy. There are many window options to choose from, such as tinted, seeded, and frosted, all of which provide privacy while you are in the garage. Then some windows are purely functional, such as impact-rated glass suitable for regions with frequent high-speed winds and high-altitude glass for homes situated in higher altitudes.

    Whether you want simple elegance that defines your contemporary home or a graceful arched style that provides a focal point, you can find all types of garage windows customized and suited to your needs at Giel Garage Doors.

  • How to Measure for a New Garage Door

    Garage Door

    How to Take Accurate Measurements for a New Garage Door

    Your choice of garage door will be greatly influenced by the specifications of your garage opening. This information focuses on the tools you’ll need to measure your garage in order to pick the right garage door in Pittsburgh, PA.

    In order to measure your garage door, you’ll need the following items:

    • Measuring tape
    • Step ladder
    • Paper and pen

    After gathering the required materials, follow these steps to accurately measure your garage door.

    Step 1 – Height and Width

    The first step is to determine the height and width of the door space. Make sure that you are measuring the width of the garage door area at its widest point. Measure the opening from top to bottom. Take note of the highest point of the area as well.

    Step 2 – Side Room

    Measure the areas next to the door openings if you are installing vertical tracks. If you have a specific design in mind, research what the installer or manual specifies to make sure the door will work in the area you have available.

    Step 3 – Headroom

    In this step, measure the headroom of the garage door to get a complete estimate for the total size of the garage door. With a step ladder, calculate the distance from the door opening to the ceiling.

    Step 4 – Backroom

    The final step is measuring the backroom, or in other words, the depth of your garage. Again, a professional installer of your garage door will give you the required measurements for the door’s backroom.

    Other Considerations

    There are specific factors to keep in mind when measuring a new garage door. For example, if you are using a door opener, you will need to find or install a new electrical outlet. Staircases and lights around the garage should be taken into account while installing the door or the opener.

    Additionally, inspect the headers and jambs to make sure that they are stable and in proper working order. Take note of the ductwork, any pipes, and wires that may interfere with the operation of your new garage door. If you are replacing an existing door, compare the old door with the new one.

    Contact our team at Giel Garage Doors for all of your garage door needs.

  • 3 Tips for Choosing the Right Storm Door for Your Home

    Storm Door

    Homeowners often look for projects to make an area more appealing or practical. A storm door can add beauty and energy efficiency to a home. Given the variety of storm doors on the market, finding the right one can require some research and deliberation. We’ve outlined some ideas for storm door selection to assist you in the decision making process. Check out these tips for choosing the right storm door for your home.

    Storm Doors for Hot and Cold Weather

    Glass panels in a storm door allow light and warmth to pass through, illuminating either the home or the second door. The heat from a glass door can be quite welcome in the winter, but the opposite may be true during the summer months. Heat may get trapped between the glass door and the entry door, causing the entry door to warp. Screens, on the other hand, allow heat to transfer freely between the outside and inside, which is more agreeable in warmer weather. 

    Determine How Much Security You Need

    A storm door can serve many functions. It can enhance the home’s appearance, allow sunshine and fresh air to enter the home, and provide added security. For people who desire extra protection against break-ins, a storm door with a high-end lock system may be a viable option. Some storm doors feature metal grilles or shatter resistant glass which will help deter any unwelcome visitors. 

    Find the Right View

    Some storm doors allow maximum visibility because they are made of glass from top to bottom. Others offer a view through the top half of the door only. A full glass panel allows a great deal of heat and light to pass through, so homeowners often choose doors with built-in blinds. Partial panels have a smaller surface area than full panels, so they are less likely to be broken by a stray ball or other object. A partial panel offers less visibility than a full panel does, but some owners prefer this type of storm door because replacement glass is more budget-friendly.

    Storm doors are welcome additions to most homes. Adding or replacing a storm door requires sifting through countless options of materials and styles. Although there are plenty of factors to consider, we have listed some of the primary determinants in figuring out which type of storm door will work best for your home entry. Call Giel Garage Doors today for complete details on all entry, storm, and patio doors. For more helpful information about improving your home, browse the Giel Garage Doors blog

  • 3 Reasons to Install a Retractable Pergola This Spring

    Retractable Pergola

    For many Americans, spring represents the onset of home and yard improvements. Countless products and projects promise a more beautiful or functional area. Neighbors share ideas and sometimes compete to have the newest or most beautiful pieces. Savvy homeowners often instigate projects that will improve both beauty and functionality. Among such projects are shade structures such as gazebos and pergolas. Different varieties of these structures offer varying benefits. Below are a few reasons to install a retractable pergola this spring.

    Protect Skin and Belongings

    Sunshine is a welcome aspect of spring weather. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can damage skin, fabric, and other articles. Nature lovers express growing concern over skin cancer, dark spots, and other sun-related ailments. A retractable pergola provides relief from harmful ultraviolet rays. It also serves to protect an area from falling debris, and the shade created by a pergola offers relief from summer heat.

    Save Energy

    When outside temperatures rise, a home will require additional air conditioning to maintain a comfortable living space. A pergola or other shade structure can reduce the amount of direct sunlight a home receives. Because direct sunlight heats a home’s interior, reducing rays can help keep a home cool, lowering energy usage and cost. The shade will likewise reduce the temperature of the covered outdoor area. If the exterior temperature is cooler, especially around doors and windows, the home will be cooler as well.

    Enhance Your Home

    Few projects can enhance a home as much as installing a retractable pergola. The home will be more aesthetically pleasing, and occupants will delight in a comfortable outdoor space. Increased comfort outdoors often translates into a more enjoyable home atmosphere altogether. Additionally, a retractable pergola improves a home’s resale value, so homeowners can experience additional security when the time comes to appraise or sell their home.

    Human nature leads us to continually seek ways to improve ourselves and our surroundings. Spring is an excellent time to improve a living space. Although many remodeling projects are available, retractable pergolas are an increasingly popular option for homeowners nationwide. If you are looking to protect yourself and your belongings, save energy, and enhance your home, a retractable pergola from Giel Garage Doors may be the best choice for you this spring. For more helpful information about home improvements, browse the Giel Garage Doors blog

  • How to Make the Most of Your Garage Transformation

    Garage Transformation

    As families are spending more time inside their homes, the need for space is becoming increasingly apparent. Homeowners explore new techniques for maximizing and optimizing their space. Many families consider home expansion or other major changes to available living space. Garage transformation is a common candidate for home improvement projects. If you are looking into this type of remodel, the following strategies can help determine what specific project and what methods will be the best fit for your garage transformation.

    Create Working Space

    Many businesses offer work-from-home options. Employment from home demands some degree of privacy and space, so a home office may be a welcome improvement on an existing residence. Hobbies and home-based businesses can be aided by the creation of additional room. A new craft room or study can increase productivity as well as improving mental and emotional health.

    Build an Additional Recreational Area

    There are a number of home-based activities families and individuals have adopted during their free time. Multiple interests within the same household may lead to scheduling or personal conflicts, and the addition of a home theater or toy room can promote goodwill within a family while providing opportunities for individual pursuits.

    Improve Living Space

    A home’s value can be dramatically augmented by an additional bedroom, bathroom, or other living area. If there is no current need for a bed/bath combo, such an improvement can be rented out for additional income or can be utilized as living quarters for relatives who are aging or otherwise afflicted. Providing additional living space for children, snoring spouses, or tenants can provide immediate benefits as well as long-term return on investment.

    Converting a garage into indoor space is an increasingly popular home improvement project. The prospect of additional usable space appeals to many homeowners. For individuals who are considering instigating a garage transformation, special considerations should be made before taking on a project. First decide what end result best suits your needs, then begin the planning process. Think about the points above when preparing for a garage transformation project. For more helpful tips for getting the most out of your garage, browse the Giel Garage Doors blog

  • 4 Steps for When Your Garage Door Gets Stuck

    Garage Door


    When a garage door gets stuck, it creates a major annoyance as well as a safety hazard. Homeowners ought to be able to open and close the door whenever they please. On occasion, however, the garage door simply won’t cooperate. Here are some steps you can take when your garage door gets stuck.

    Confirm Power

    A lack of power is typically the easiest issue to fix, so start there. Ensure the garage door opener is plugged into an outlet. If it is, test the outlet by plugging in another device (such as a nightlight) and seeing whether or not the new device is receiving power. If the car remote or keypad will not open the door but the interior button will, try a new set of batteries in either the remote or keypad as needed.

    Check the Lock

    The locking feature may have been inadvertently activated. Check the interior panel to make sure it is not “locked.” In lock mode, the door will not respond to remotes. The interior button will usually be lit to some degree. A steady light indicates that the door is unlocked while a flashing light usually means the door is locked. To lock or unlock a door, press and hold the “lock” button until the light pattern changes.

    Lubricate Moving Metal Parts

    Most hardware stores sell lubricants designed specifically for garage door openers. Use this type or another silicone-based lubricant. Spray a small amount of lubricant on top of the rails, at metal hinges, and along metal springs. During this step, also ensure bolts and other fasteners are secure. Lubrication is an important step in door maintenance and should be performed at least once every six months.

    Test the Alignment

    When a garage door becomes misaligned,it often struggles to open or close. If the door is stuck, try using the manual release  to slide the door open or closed by hand. When properly lubricated, the door should glide easily and smoothly. If not, the door is likely misaligned, which will require professional attention.

    Some home maintenance concerns can be handled without professional help. In the event of a garage door getting stuck, several steps can be taken at home before reaching out to a professional repair team. Follow these steps to diagnose and remedy the stuck garage door. 

    If your garage door is causing your problems, schedule a service call with Giel Garage Doors experts. For more helpful information about maintaining your garage door, browse the Giel Garage Doors blog