• Choosing the Right Garage Door Material for Your Climate

    Giel Garage Doors - Choosing the Right Garage Doors- Material for Your Climate

    Are you considering a new garage door, but puzzled by the variety of materials available? Your garage door material isn’t just about aesthetics—it’s also about durability and function. Depending on your regional climate, the material you select can determine how well your garage door stands up to the elements.

    Let’s break down the optimal garage door materials for different weather conditions to help you make an informed decision.

    A Mild, Temperate Climate: Steel Garage Doors

    In areas with a mild, temperate climate, you can choose from various garage door materials. Steel is a particularly attractive choice.

    It’s durable, low maintenance, and offers excellent value for money. Steel doors come in various designs and finishes, allowing you to complement the architectural style of your home.

    Harsh, Cold Winters: Insulated Garage Doors

    If you live in a region where winters are harsh and unforgiving, consider an insulated garage door. Made from either steel or aluminum, these doors contain a layer of insulation to help keep the cold air out of your garage. This maintains a comfortable temperature inside your garage and can significantly reduce heating costs.

    Hot, Dry Climate: Wood Garage Doors

    For hot and dry climates, wood garage doors are an excellent choice. These doors do not absorb heat like metal doors, making them more energy-efficient during hot summers.

    Since natural wood can resist temperature changes, your wooden garage door won’t expand under extreme heat. While requiring a bit more maintenance, their aesthetic appeal is unrivaled.

    Humid, Salty Environment: Fiberglass Garage Doors

    If you live near the ocean, where humidity and salty air are prevalent, consider fiberglass garage doors. The material is resistant to salt corrosion and humidity, making the door last longer in such environments. It also requires less maintenance compared to wood or steel doors.

    Choose the Right Garage Door

    Making a wise choice in garage door material can significantly enhance the longevity of your door while also adding to the aesthetic appeal of your home. With the right selection, you’ll enjoy a beautiful, durable garage door that stands up to your local climate.

    To make your garage door decision even easier, consider choosing your next door from Thomas V. Giel Garage Doors, Inc. With an extensive range of materials and designs, we’re committed to helping you find the perfect fit for your home and climate.

  • The Versatility of Storm Doors: Summer Uses Beyond Protection

    Giel Garage Doors-The Versatility of Storm Doors_ Summer Uses Beyond Protection

    Today, storm doors can do so much more than just protect your home from the elements. They offer a variety of uses that can be especially beneficial during the summer months. From ventilation to insulation to privacy and protection, storm doors provide versatility for homes of all sizes. Below, we’ll explore why you should consider installing storm doors and how they can benefit your home:


    Storm doors can provide extra ventilation to your home. During the summer months, when temperatures tend to be higher, opening windows and doors can lead to drafts of cooler air circulating throughout your home. Storm doors act as a barrier between the outside and inside and provide you with an additional layer of protection while still allowing for air circulation.

    Reduces Noise Pollution

    Storm doors are made from durable three-layer materials for maximum security. As such, their thickness also provides insulation to block out any noise from outside sources. Installing storm doors can help reduce the amount of outdoor noise your family is exposed to, which is especially beneficial if you live in a noisy neighborhood or near a busy street.

    Improved Energy Efficiency

    Most storm doors are designed with energy-efficient features such as double-paned glass and insulated frames. This can help reduce your energy bills by providing an additional layer of thermal insulation between your home and the outside environment. Storm doors also come with weather stripping that can further improve their ability to keep heat in during winter months while keeping cool air in during summer.

    Offers Protection Against Bad Weather

    As their name implies, storm doors are designed to offer protection against inclement weather. In addition to providing a physical barrier between your home and the elements, many storm doors come with adjustable roll-down shutters that can be used when bad weather is imminent. This can provide added security and peace of mind during severe storms or hurricanes.

    Gives You Privacy And Security

    Storm doors can also help provide you with privacy and security. Most models feature a solid core construction, so it’s difficult to see through them from the outside. Some even come with interchangeable glass panels that allow you to control the level of visibility depending on your needs.

    You can choose between clear glass for maximum visibility or tinted or frosted glass for added privacy. Many also come with locks and deadbolts, so you can keep intruders out.

    Install the Perfect Storm Door for your Home Today- CTA

    If you’re looking for a way to increase the safety, security, and energy efficiency of your home while also providing protection from extreme weather conditions, investing in a storm door is an excellent choice. With so many options available on the market today, it’s easy to find the perfect one for your home. 

    Contact us now at Thomas V. Giel Garage Doors, Inc., to get started on finding the perfect storm door for your home. We’ll provide you with a free quote so you can make an informed decision. With our help, you can rest assured knowing that your family is safe and secure from the elements and intruders alike!

  • What to Expect During a Professional Residential Garage Door Installation

    Giel Garage Doors-What to Expect During a Professional Residential Garage Door Installation

    Are you tired of wrestling with that old, creaky garage door whenever you come home? It’s time to say goodbye to the hassle and invest in a brand-new garage door that will bring a renewed level of convenience and security to your home.

    But before you can start enjoying your new door, you need to hire a professional garage door installation service. And while most people only think of the cost and the end result, there are some critical steps that go into a successful installation. Below are the five things to expect during a residential garage door installation.

    1. Pre-Installation Inspection

    Before the installation, Thomas V. Giel Garage Doors will send out a technician to survey and inspect the work site. The main purpose of the inspection is to ensure that your home structure can support your preferred garage door.

    The technician will measure the opening of the garage, inspect the structure of the walls, and check that the door jambs are in good condition. They will also check whether your power supply is adequate for the installation.

    2. Preparation for the Installation

    Before the technician starts working on the task, they will take time to prepare for the installation. This includes purchasing and assembling the necessary parts and tools, such as weatherstripping, hinges, and screws.

    They will also review the door size, weight, and type to make sure that it’s compatible with your home’s structure. The technician will also request that you clear the workspace of any obstacles hindering their access. This way, they can quickly and easily complete the job without disruptions.

    3. Door Removal and Disposal

    Once the pre-installation inspection is complete, the technician will remove the existing garage door, if present. They will disconnect the springs and hardware before disposing of the old door components. If you have a roll-up or a sectional garage door, the technician will also remove the tracks and hardware and make sure that the walls are in sound condition.

    4. Installation of the New Garage Door

    To most homeowners, the installation process seems very simple and straightforward on paper. However, it’s a very complex process that requires absolute precision and accuracy. The technician will first attach the springs and cables to the appropriate places. 

    They’ll install tracks, rollers, hinges, and other hardware components before inserting your door section. The technician will also make minor adjustments and calibrations so your garage door runs smoothly and without obstruction.

    5. Final Tests and Cleanup

    Finally, the technicians will test the door several times to ensure it’s safe and secure for use. If the door is installed incorrectly, it could lead to severe injuries, property damage, and even death.

    The imminent risk to your family members, friends, and pets is the biggest reason why garage door installation and maintenance should be left to professionals.

    The technicians will also clean up the area and leave it neat and tidy. They will get rid of all the debris, tools, and materials and make sure that you are satisfied with their work.

    Hire Us Today for Garage Door Installation CTA

    If you’re looking for a reliable and professional team to install your garage door, contact us today at Thomas V. Giel Garage Doors. Our experienced technicians will ensure that the installation is done correctly and safely the first time.

    Call us now to schedule an appointment or find out more about our services! We look forward to working with you.