• How to Prevent Damage to Trucks and Trailers with Dock Bumpers

    Giel Garage Doors-How to Prevent Damage to Trucks and Trailers with Dock Bumpers

    As any seasoned truck driver knows, navigating tight loading docks can be tricky. Not only is it challenging to maneuver large vehicles in tight spaces, but constant bumping and scraping against the dock can cause serious damage to trucks and trailers. That’s where dock bumpers come in.

    Dock bumpers are designed to act as a buffer between the loading dock and the truck or trailer. Below, we explain what dock bumpers are and why they are important for protecting your trucks and trailers.

    What Are Dock Bumpers?

    Dock bumpers are safety devices installed on a loading dock to prevent damage to trucks and trailers during the loading and unloading process. They are usually made of durable materials such as rubber or plastic and are designed to absorb the impact of a truck or trailer hitting the dock.

    The Benefits Of Using Dock Bumpers

    Dock bumpers are a must-have if your business needs to back its trucks or trailers up against a loading dock regularly. The bumpers reduce wear and tear on both the docks and vehicles by absorbing the shock of contact. This means less time and money spent repairing or replacing damaged docks or vehicles due to collisions between them.

    Dock bumpers can also protect the opening of the loading dock from debris and weather elements. Elements such as rain can damage the structure of the loading dock if it’s not properly sealed. Dock bumpers provide a seal around the edges of the opening, which reduces any damage from these elements.

    Coupled with proper loading dock signage, dock bumpers ensure safety during operations. Accidents can occur when trucks and trailers make contact with the dock while loading or unloading. Dock bumpers prevent this by providing a buffer between the two surfaces.

    Dock bumpers also have anti-skid properties, which keep the truck and trailer in place while backing up. This helps reduce the risk of accidents due to slips and slides during loading and off loading.

    Protect Your Trucks and Trailers With Dock Bumpers

    If your loading dock doesn’t have bumpers, it’s time to invest in them to stop putting your trucks and trailers at risk of damage. At Thomas V. Giel Garage Doors, Inc., we provide dock bumpers to ensure the safety of your trucks, trailers, and loading docks.

    We can customize the bumpers to suit your truck types, dock heights, and other factors. Contact us today to learn more about our loading dock equipment.

  • Man Doors for Commercial Buildings: What You Need to Know

    Giel Garage Doors-Man Doors for Commercial Buildings_ What You Need to Know

    As you walk through your commercial building, you take note of doors that allow convenient access to various spaces. Little did you realize that a special kind of door makes your life easier—the man door.

    You may ask yourself, what exactly is a man door, and why should you consider it when designing your commercial building’s layout? Read on as we unravel the mystery behind this underrated yet essential element of commercial building design.

    What Are Man Doors?

    Man doors are pedestrian-sized doorways designed to handle regular human traffic, as opposed to larger doors used for vehicles or equipment. It’s an additional door intended for people to walk through and is common in commercial, industrial, school, or hospital settings.

    In commercial buildings, man doors are typically used as entrances and exits for employees, customers, and visitors. They are smaller than the main entrance. In some cases, a man door may be installed inside a garage door to provide easy access without opening the entire garage door.

    Why Are Man Doors Important?

    Man doors are crucial for your commercial building as they boost convenience and efficiency. When it comes to operations, every second counts. The simple yet thoughtful addition of man doors can aid in increasing the productivity and functionality of your workspace because they provide quicker and more accessible entryways for employees.

    Besides efficiency, man doors also enhance security. You can tailor these doors to regulate access to specific areas of your building or to prevent unauthorized entry.

    With man doors in place, you’ll have full control over who has access to specific areas of your building. By limiting entry points, you can effectively maintain security and reduce potential theft and vandalism.

    Man doors also help to control foot traffic by ensuring that employees and visitors enter and exit the building through designated areas. This can be especially important in high-security areas like data centers, research labs, or financial institutions. By installing secure man doors, commercial property owners can safeguard their assets and reduce the risk of theft, break-ins, and other security breaches.

    Optimize Your Commercial Building With a Man Door

    Man doors are a great way to optimize the layout of your commercial building. Whether you’re looking to install man doors as primary entryways or additional access points to certain areas, they can be customized to meet your specific needs.

    At Thomas V. Giel Garage Doors, Inc., we offer a wide range of pedestrian doors with various features. Contact us today to find the perfect man door for your commercial building.

  • The Role of Garage Door Monitors in Preventing Accidents

    Giel Grage Doors-The Role of Garage Door Monitors in Preventing Accidents

    Garage door accidents are preventable, but they are still happening and often. Statistics show that between 20,000 and 30,000 adults and children sustain injuries every year due to garage door accidents. The accidents involve being hit by a falling garage door or having fingers caught or pinched.

    These alarming statistics emphasize the importance of using the right garage door accessories to ensure garage door safety. This is where garage door monitors come into play. This article discusses what garage door monitors are and how they prevent accidents.

    What Are Garage Door Monitors?

    Garage door monitors are devices that allow you to monitor and control your garage door from anywhere. The devices provide real-time notifications on the state of your garage door and allow you to open or close it remotely. You can also receive alerts when your garage door opens unexpectedly.

    Most garage door monitors have built-in Wi-Fi connections and alerts that make it easy to monitor your garage even when you’re not home. Some monitors also have additional features, such as motion sensors and alarms, for added security.

    How Do Garage Door Monitors Prevent Accidents?

    Accidents related to falling garage doors can occur when garage doors are left open, allowing people or animals to enter or exit the garage unexpectedly. Garage door monitors prevent such accidents by ensuring that the door is closed when it should be.

    Garage door monitors prevent accidents by providing real-time updates on the door’s status, so you can ensure it is safely secured. The motion sensor can detect when someone is in the way of the door and stop it from closing to prevent injuries. With the garage door monitor, you can rest assured that the door will not accidentally close on someone underneath it.

    Some garage door monitors also come with motion sensors and alarms, which can alert you if someone or something enters the garage unexpectedly. This added security feature can prevent accidents and ensure you are aware of potential threats to your home. The device can help deter burglars, as most burglars look for easy targets like a garage door left open.

    Invest in a Garage Door Monitor Today

    Garage door monitors are a valuable tool for preventing garage-related accidents. They provide real-time updates on the state of your garage door and allow you to control it remotely.

    If you’re ready to revamp your garage’s functionality, invest in a garage monitor from Thomas V. Giel Garage Doors, Inc. Contact us today to learn more about our garage door accessories.