• How to Save Money and Energy with Storm Doors

    Giel Garage Doors-How to Save Money and Energy with Storm Doors

    A storm door is a second door usually installed to serve a number of protective and convenience purposes. But apart from their main functions, storm doors can also serve as money and energy savers. Below are some ways you can save money and energy when you install storm doors.

    Weather Barrier and Lower Heat Conduction

    Installing a storm door outside your primary entrance door can help save energy in a couple of ways. First, the storm door acts as a weather shield or barrier, thus ensuring that any impact of air leakage through the regular entrance door is significantly reduced. Secondly, a storm door establishes an extra layer of insulation that helps limit heat conduction through the primary door.

    More Affordable Replacement to Primary Doors

    A storm door is a great money-saving investment for anyone who has an old but functional primary door. This is because the cost of installing a storm door is lower than that of a regular door.

    Protect Your Primary Door

    The functions of a storm door include protecting your primary door all year round from adverse conditions such as snow, rain, ice, wind, and more. This protective cover can extend the lifespan of your primary door and help save you money on primary door replacement over time.

    Safe Access to Energy-Saving Sunshine

    A storm door can be a valuable asset for those who love the feel of mild sunshine, particularly during the summer and spring seasons. Moreover, adequate utilization of the natural energy provided by the sun can imply less dependence on electric power. This can also imply lower energy costs and more savings.

    Closing Thoughts

    Adding a storm door is money well spent because of the extra money and energy-saving benefits it brings. Thomas V. Giel Garage Doors, Inc. offers a wide variety of storm doors for diverse residential and commercial buildings.

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  • The Benefits of Automated Garage Doors

    Giel Garage Doors-The Benefits of Automated Garage Doors

    Are you considering getting an automated garage door? If you don’t have one yet, you don’t know what you’re missing out on. 

    But we’re going to fill you in right here and explain 3 of the top benefits of having an automated garage door. 


    Does the convenience factor need much explanation? Nope!

    After all, who really likes having to jump out of their car to open the garage door when they get home? When it’s cold and raining, the last thing you want to be doing is standing outside trying to find the right key for your garage door. 

    The automatic door allows you to open it with a push of a button while nestled comfortably inside your car. 


    Aside from just being convenient, automatic garage doors help keep your home more secure as well. They can’t be opened from the outside without a remote and you don’t have to remember to make sure they are locked all the time. 

    And if you’re worried about savvy thieves who use remote control scanners, you can put your garage door in vacation mode. This disables remote controls so you can go on vacation and know your home is protected as much as possible. 


    Automatic garage doors are equipped with safety features that don’t allow the door to come down if there is someone or something in its path. Regular garage doors don’t have these features.

    All it takes is for the door to come too far forward and gravity will ruthlessly bring it down — regardless of if there is someone standing there. Automated doors have sensors that make the likelihood of being crushed by your garage door almost zero.

    The Best Automatic Garage Door

    When an automatic garage door system is installed correctly, it’s a huge benefit to your daily life. Of course, proper installation is a must so you’ll want professional help like that of the team at Thomas V. Giel Garage Doors, Inc. Reach out today to learn more!

  • The Pros & Cons Of Having A Manual Vs Automatic Garage Door

    Giel Garage Doors-The_Pros__Cons_Of_Having_A_Manual_Vs_Automatic_Garage_Door (1)

    When it comes to the installation of garage doors, there are a couple of different options that you are able to choose from. The two main categories, however, are the first thing that you will need to take into consideration. Both manual and automatic garage doors have their benefits and drawbacks. Having a complete understanding of these factors makes it easier to determine what will work best for you. 

    Manual Garage Doors

    Manual garage doors are simple and easy, and they do not require a connection to a power source. They are also the more affordable option among the two categories, and the risk of being locked out of your own garage is lower compared to an automatic door. 

    On the other hand, they do take more effort to open and close. There is no button that you can press to open the door without leaving your car first. 

    Automatic Garage Doors

    Convenience is one of the key factors that come with an automatic garage door. The opening system allows you to adjust the current position of the garage door by simply pressing a button on a remote. Automatic garage doors are ideal for people who live busy lives, as they can also be time-saving too. 

    While there are many advantages of an automatic garage door, a remote failure can create quite a difficult situation. Whether you are inside or outside the garage, when the remote fails, it won’t communicate with the receiver. Automatic garage doors are also much more expensive compared to manual options. 


    There are several factors to keep in mind when choosing between manual and automatic garage doors. Just as you pay attention to the garage entry door that comes from your home, you should also ensure the garage door itself provides your family with adequate protection. Choosing a reliable service provider like Thomas V. Giel Garage Doors Inc can ensure you get a door that is an ideal fit for your building.