• The Role of Weather Stripping in Winter Garage Door Care


    As winter arrives, icy winds and frigid temperatures can turn your garage into a less-than-inviting space. But with a small investment in weather stripping, you can transform your garage into a warm, insulated place. In this guide, we’ll explore the three critical roles that weather stripping performs during winter.

    Preserves Indoor Temperature

    Imagine running your heating system day and night, only to find that your garage still feels like a freezer. That’s a scenario you could face without adequate weather stripping. By forming an airtight seal around your garage door, weather stripping keeps the warm air inside and the cold air outside. The result? Your heating system works more efficiently, conserving energy and lowering your utility bills. In the long run, this can add up to significant savings.

    Keeps Out Moisture and Snow

    Winter isn’t just about cold air; it’s also about moisture in the form of rain, sleet, and snow. Any of these can slip through the cracks in your garage door and wreak havoc. Excess moisture can damage stored belongings and even contribute to mold growth. Weather stripping serves as a frontline defense, blocking moisture and keeping your garage dry. This is an essential step in ensuring that your valuable items — like seasonal decorations, gardening tools, and sporting equipment — stay safe and dry all winter long.

    Enhances Door Longevity

    Your garage door takes a beating from fluctuating winter temperatures, which can cause materials to contract and expand. This back-and-forth can lead to cracks, warping, and a decreased lifespan for your door. Weather stripping minimizes these temperature swings by maintaining a more consistent indoor climate. In doing so, it can significantly extend the lifespan of your garage door, making it a smart investment for anyone looking to get the most out of their door.


    Weather stripping is not just an accessory; it’s a necessity for keeping your garage comfortable, dry, and functional throughout the winter months. If you haven’t yet installed weather stripping on your garage door, don’t wait any longer. Contact Thomas V. Giel Garage Doors for superb installation services and make this winter your most comfortable yet.


  • Fall Garage Organization: Making the Most of Your Space


    Fall is the season of transformation. Leaves change color, the air turns crisp, and it’s the perfect time for a fall cleaning — specifically, garage organization. A well-organized garage offers more than just a tidy space; it enhances your lifestyle and adds value to your home. Let’s dive into why you should take time this autumn to get your garage in shape and strategies to achieve it.

    Why Fall is the Perfect Time for Garage Organization

    The moderate weather of fall creates an ideal environment for this project. You’re not sweating in the summer heat or freezing in the winter cold. Moreover, as fall precedes the holiday season, organizing your garage now ensures you can easily access decorations and create additional space for potential holiday gifts.

    Benefits of Garage Organization

    So why bother with cleaning up the garage? It’s not just about aesthetics. Let’s delve into some compelling benefits you’ll experience.

    • Unlock More Space: A clutter-free garage makes room for what truly matters, whether it’s your car, a home gym, or even a small workshop.
    • Boost Home Value: A neat, functional garage can actually boost your property value. Potential buyers will appreciate the well-maintained extra space.
    • Improve Safety: Loose tools and equipment can be hazardous. Organizing eliminates these risks, keeping you and your family safe.

    Strategies for a Well-Organized Garage

    Having a game plan makes any task more manageable. Here are some proven strategies to help you tackle your garage organization.

    • Start with a Clean Slate: Empty out your garage to assess the space you have. This gives you a clear vision of how to allocate areas for different functions or items.
    • Categorize Your Items: Separate your belongings into categories. Tools, sporting equipment, and seasonal items should each have their own designated areas.
    • Invest in Quality Storage Solutions: Opt for durable shelving units, heavy-duty storage bins, or even a pegboard to hang tools. This investment pays off in the long run.
    • Label Everything: Clearly written labels save you time when you’re searching for items. A simple label maker can make a big difference.

    Take Action Today!

    Don’t let the season pass you by; capitalize on this perfect time for garage organization. Need professional assistance? Contact Thomas V. Giel Garage Doors today. We’ll assess your garage door and provide the necessary maintenance so you can have the functional, organized space you’ve always desired. Let this fall be the season of change for your garage, elevating your lifestyle in the process.