• Increase Your Home’s Value with a New Garage Door


    When people are looking for ways to increase the value of their home, they often think of things like buying new appliances or remodeling the kitchen or the bathrooms. Some people don’t even consider the curb appeal of their home. Installing a new garage door can do more to boost your home’s value than some other kinds of improvements.

    About 70% of realtors believe that a home sells faster when it features a new garage door, and 80% agree that the new door adds up to four percent of the home’s value. For example, a house priced at $200,000 with a new garage door will be able to sell for $8,000 to $12,000 more. Since the average cost to replace a double car garage door is anywhere from $800 to $1800 including installation, that represents an excellent ROI.

    In addition to enhancing the home’s curb appeal and being a sound investment, there are other ways in which new garage doors offer benefits.

    1. Accentuating the Style of the Home – You can really put the exclamation point on your home by matching the garage door to the style. For instance, a wood or steel carriage house garage door would be an excellent complement for a Colonial or Victorian house.
    2. Saving Energy – Installing an insulated weather-sealed garage door blocks cold or hot air, which keeps your home at a consistent temperature, saving you money on your energy bill.
    3. Increasing Comfort and Privacy – An insulated garage door can minimize noise and other disturbances to keep your home quiet and shielded.
    4. Optimizing Security and Safety – New garage door features include photosensors that keep the door from closing on an object, person, vehicle, or pet that is in the path of the door. Security features like rotating security codes safeguard your home from intruders by changing the code every time the door is opened or closed. There are even apps that allow you to operate your garage door using your smartphone.

    Whether you are planning to sell your home or to stay in it for several more years, investing in a new garage door is a wise investment. The garage door experts at Thomas V. Giel Garage Doors, Inc. can answer questions you may have about installing a new garage door.

  • Why Garage Door Repairs and Installation Should Be Left to the Professionals


    Reasons to Leave Garage Door Repairs to the Professionals

    Chances are you’ve tried your hand at a number of DIY home projects and consider yourself proficient with the tools you have. This gives you the confidence to tackle bigger and more complex tasks. However, you may not have the experience to accomplish garage door repairs, and below are a few reasons why these repairs should be left to professionals.

    DIY Garage Door Installation Is Time-Consuming

    If you’re the average DIYer, you know how time-consuming some projects are. Even if you can set aside time for installing your own garage door, you may find that it’s far more time-consuming than you realized. Having a professional install your garage door frees your time and allows you to focus on other things.

    Saves You Money

    Having a professional install your garage door or perform repairs saves you money. You may find that a component you need is far more expensive than your bank account can handle. Let the professionals take care of finding the correct parts for a good price. They probably know more about the industry than you do.

    Professionals See the Details

    While you might have an eye for details in other areas of your life, you might miss details that can ruin your garage door project. An experienced professional knows when your garage door needs extra weatherstripping, as well as other issues you may have with your garage door.

    Professionals Preserve Your Warranty

    As with your car or HVAC system, most garage doors come with a manufacturer warranty in the event of something going wrong with your garage door. As with your HVAC system, the warranty only stays valid if a qualified professional performs the repairs and installation. When you perform DIY repairs and installations, you risk voiding your warranty.

    Professional Repairs Are Safer

    One of the disadvantages of doing your own garage door repair or installation is that you have a higher chance of getting injured in the process. These injuries range from puncture wounds, falling off ladders, and injuries from torsion springs. A professional knows how to work safely and has the proper safety equipment for the job.

    When you decide to fix your garage door, you want to know that you’re in good hands. Contact Thomas V. Giel Garage Doors, Inc. today for all your residential and commercial garage door repairs and installations.

  • How Can a Storm Door Protect Your Home Against Extreme Weather?


    Ways That Storm Doors Protect Your Home During Extreme Weather

    A storm door is your first line of defense against the elements. Learn why it’s a great addition to a home.

    A Water Barrier

    Standard doors can’t effectively defend a house against flooding because water will slowly seep underneath the threshold. With a storm door, your home will have an extra layer of protection if excessive rainfall causes flooding. The key is the vinyl sweep. It seals the gap between the threshold and door slab. A storm door also has a drip cap. If any water flows down the door, the drip cap will channel it into a tapered section on the threshold.

    Practical Insulation

    Storm doors are great in the event of power outages because they’re insulated. If you power up a whole-home generator and your HVAC system, an insulated storm door will help hold the heat within your home.

    A Barrier Against Bugs

    A storm door’s setup is better because it keeps insects away from the primary door. Extreme weather can often attract swarms of bugs, such as mosquitos. These kinds of bugs like to build nests near standing water after rainstorms. If you open your usual door in the spring or summer, nothing will stop these bugs from entering your home. A storm door adds a second layer of protection and a stronger defense against those pesky bugs. 

    Great Components for Convenience and Long-Lasting Protection

    Storm doors are high-quality products. If you have one installed, it will protect your home for a long time. Many wonderful designs are available. Here are some features and benefits:

    • A storm door with full-size panels let in plenty of light.
    • A storm door with a wire screen provides good airflow.
    • A storm door with a kick plate better protects the door.

    Install a storm door this season, and have peace of mind when extreme weather strikes. Contact Thomas V. Giel Garage Doors, Inc. today, and set up an appointment for our storm door installation services. We’re a family-owned business, and we’ve been installing doors since 1950.