Is your opening specialized beyond the standard offerings of both sectional and rolling steel products? Today’s best manufacturers continue to push the envelope and develop diverse solutions for the most unique applications.

High Speed/Cycle Doors

Openings that require enhanced security, maximum cycle usage, and fast operation now have answers. From guide profiles and upgrade curtains to premium finishes and high-tech operators, the advanced door designs available include upgrades to nearly all components of a standard overhead door. Sustainable designs with 1,000,000 cycles and 5 year warranties. Speeds up to 24″ per second (3 times faster than standard doors ).

High Speed Fabric Doors

Similar in function to a rolling steel door, these high performance fabric doors offer high speed, airtight sealing, and minimal clearance requirements all in the same door. Curtains are typically made from reinforced PVC or vinyl, and can operate at up to 100″ per second.

Cold Storage Doors

Solutions for cold storage include overhead acting or side sliding doors. In addition, they can utilize high speed functions, maximized insulation, or a combination depending on the application and frequency of usage.

Car Wash Doors

Most manufacturers can modify a standard sectional door to comply with water-tight electrical requirements, but there is no substitute for a door designed specifically for a wash bay environment. Utilizing corrosive resistant materials, there are several configurations available to you. Some options include: fabric curtains; polycarbonate glazing; air operated systems; stainless steel or aluminum components in lieu of steel; high speed functions and more.

Sound Control Doors

Doors separate one environment from another and sound separation in interior spaces or exterior wall is gaining in importance for the end user. Through improvements to insulation properties and enhanced seals, sound control doors are ideal where acoustics are a main concern. There is a variety of sectional, rolling steel, or sliding doors that present alternative solutions to isolate sound without losing the flexibility of a large opening.

Industrial Rubber Doors

Mainly used in the most demanding industrial and commercial facilities, these tough tuber doors are catching on due to their proven durability. The reinforced rubber curtain is designed for extreme temperatures and conditions. Easily reset and operational after most curtain impacts, these doors minimize down time when production is at a premium.

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