• Preparing Your Garage Door for Winter


    Four Tips for Getting Your Garage Door Ready for Winter

    Wintertime can be a rough season for your garage door. Battering winds and freezing temperatures are examples of things that can damage this important segment of your home. Here are four ways to protect and reinforce your garage door before the temperatures start to drop.

    Perform a Thorough Inspection

    Look for any existing damage on your door and its tracks. Stand outside and open and close the door a few times. Is it producing any abnormal sounds like clanking or screeching? Observe how smoothly the door moves up and down and if it gets caught up on the tracks at any given time. For a more comprehensive assessment, consider bringing in a garage door maintenance and installation company, like Thomas V. Giel Garage Doors, Inc.

    Grease Your Door’s Moving Mechanical Parts

    This is a simple maintenance tip that you can do yourself without needing to hire a professional garage door technician. Purchase a quality lubricant solution, usually in spray form, and apply a fresh coat to any of the door’s moving components. These include the rollers, springs, and hinges.

    Fully Seal Your Garage Doors

    At nighttime, stand outside of your garage door and close it. Check the bottom of the door to see if there is any light seeping out from inside the garage. If so, the garage door does not fully seal. And although that doesn’t cause any structural damage, a garage door that isn’t fully sealed allows hot air to escape to the outside. You may need to call a garage door specialist to help you fix this issue.

    Clean the Sensors

    Modern garage doors typically come with safety sensors that keep them from closing on a person or object passing below them. This is especially important for households with children, pets, and elderly tenants. Dirt and debris can accumulate and cover or damage the sensors, preventing them from doing their job. Clean these regularly to protect yourself and your loved ones.

    One of the easiest ways to prepare your garage door for the cold months is to schedule regular garage door maintenance at least once a year.

  • Things You Should Know About Dock Seals


    Four Things To Know About Dock Seals

    You want your shipping area to be productive as well as safe and secure. Loading dock seals provide the barrier between the warehouse door and the backed-in trailer for loading and unloading assets. Designed to compress, they create a tight seal. Here are some things to know about the addition of dock seals to your company’s loading dock area.

    Your Loading Dock Is Safer

    Pests or even fire are left out when your loading dock is sealed. Employees won’t be worried about swatting flies, bugs or bites, which can slow down operations. Moreover, the wind will stay outside, making it easier to carry items and load them into the trailer. Protected from unwanted entry, the sealed doors will help keep everything and everyone safer.

    Your Loading Dock Is More Productive

    Unwanted weather like rain and snow won’t be able to disrupt your loading and unloading when you utilize a dock seal. Your staff will not need to worry about wet floors and their safety. They can focus on their job, sending and receiving and making your warehouse more productive. 

    Your Loading Dock Will Remain in Better Condition

    Wind and rain may take a toll on your loading area as exposure to the elements creates wear and tear on the doors. Gradually, they will wear down. Having strong seals minimizes exposure to the elements and makes the doors last longer. This saves money in the long run.

    You’ll want to consider the usage, type of trucks and the height of your docks when selecting the appropriate seals for your loading dock. We can help you select the right option for your specific business needs before you order. Interested in learning more about how loading dock seals or shelters can help your business? Contact Thomas V. Giel Garage Doors, Inc. to get in touch with our experts for assistance.

  • 4 Reasons to Upgrade to a Keyless Lock System


    Why You Need to Upgrade to a Keyless Lock System

    Keeping garages, commercial buildings, and residential buildings secure should always be a priority. Upgrading to a keyless lock system can allow you to better protect your property. When using such a lock system, you will not need a physical key to open a door since these systems use electronic access control mechanisms.

    When using a keyless lock system, you will need an electronic device to unlock your door. For instance, you will need to use a sensor or a proximity card reader, depending on your lock system. Read on for more details about keyless entry systems and their benefits.

    Better Security

    You can easily lose traditional physical keys, or someone can steal them from you. The garage’s security will be compromised when either of these occur. However, such a thing cannot happen when you use a keyless lock system since only authorized users can access your building.

    Remote Access

    Most of the available keyless lock systems have remote access capabilities. That means you can unlock and lock doors even when you are not onsite. This is convenient for people who need the ability to remotely open and close their business doors for employees and deliveries.

    Tracking All Entry Activities

    When using traditional locks, it is hard to know who opened the garage door in your absence. However, when using a Thomas V. Giel Garage Doors, Inc. keyless lock system, you will be able to track all entry activities. Tracking these activities can help you effectively respond to security threats and emergencies.

    There are a variety of benefits associated with installing a keyless lock system in your home, business, or other property as laid out above. Call our garage door experts at Giel Garage Doors to learn more about how a keyless entry system can benefit you specifically.