Retractable Patio Screens/Vinyl/Fabric

For a door, patio or window area

A solar shade or screen from PHANTOM SCREENS can significantly reduce indoor temperature by blocking the sun before it enters your home.

Retractable screens are there when you need them and are hidden when you don’t. No other screens are as stylish, versatile and functional. You can eliminate glare and control the amount of light that enters the home while still keeping a view of the outside. Simply pull, crank, or push a button and the optional motor moves the shade. Solar shades also protect your furniture, curtains, and floor coverings from UV damage. These screens are great for outdoor patios, doors, windows, large openings, skylights, and pergolas.

There are various models available, hundreds of fabric and mesh options, and numerous frame colors to choose from that can help satisfy your needs.

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Phantom Retractable Screen Sliding Doors

Legacy by Phantom Screens



Legacy by Phantom Screens is the only retractable door screen with an integrated Latch & Release handle making it easy to use, quiet to operate and secure from unintended openings.


The Professional Series is the original retractable door screen by Phantom Screens that uses a magnet latching system.
Legacy and Professional series retractable screen doors provide superior insect protection and enhanced natural ventilation for your home while maintaining your view and décor. They fit all door types including in-swing, out-swing, single, double and patio slider doors. Phantom’s wide range of color and finish choices allow Legacy and Professional series retractable screen doors to blend seamlessly with your doorways. Improve indoor air quality, enhance home functionality and reduce cooling costs.


Double-French, single in-swing & out-swing, sliding doors & oversized doorways

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