• What Is the Purpose of a Storm Door?

    Storm Door

    Why a Storm Door Is a Great Investment

    A typical entry door will develop vulnerabilities over time. This can be a problem when inclement weather arrives. If your entrance has weaknesses, a storm door can help you strengthen its defenses.

    The Value of a Storm Door

    A storm door will shield your front door from bugs, snow, ice, and rain. It will make your home quieter too, so it’s a great investment if you live near a highway, school, or railway. To maximize the benefits, you must pick the right door for your home.

    The Design

    A traditional storm door can withstand heavy wind and rain. You’ll always feel comfortable while a storm door is shut because it has good ventilation. If you want more variety, you’ll need a custom style.

    Custom Options

    Custom storm doors can give your home a unique feel. These are the most common styles:

    A full-view door: A full-view door has two large panels. It provides a great view outdoors.

    A Low-E door: This door resists fading in the summer, and it has fantastic insulation.

    A bevel glass door: A bevel glass door is an elegant full-view door. Its glass panels have a designer trim.

    A mid-view door: This design has two small panels. The bottom of the door is concealed.

    A high-view door: A high-view door only has one upper panel. The rest of the door is made of metal.

    Screens and Panels

    No matter if you buy a storm door with a mesh screen or a glass panel, you will have to perform regular maintenance. The following guidelines will help you better understand the basic maintenance requirements.

    Galvanized steel: Galvanized steel will never tear. However, it can rust over time, so it will need a coat of lubricant annually.

    Bronze screen: This screen isn’t strong like a galvanized steel screen. Heavy smog can tarnish this screen, but you can protect it with a commercial spray.

    Fiberglass: Fiberglass requires little maintenance. If you ever need a replacement for a metal screen, fiberglass is a practical choice.

    A storm door serves many purposes; it saves energy, deters crime, and keeps bugs away. It also creates a strong defense against harsh weather. If you need a storm door for your home, turn to Thomas V. Giel Garage Doors, Inc.

  • 3 Tips for Choosing the Right Storm Door for Your Home

    Storm Door

    Homeowners often look for projects to make an area more appealing or practical. A storm door can add beauty and energy efficiency to a home. Given the variety of storm doors on the market, finding the right one can require some research and deliberation. We’ve outlined some ideas for storm door selection to assist you in the decision making process. Check out these tips for choosing the right storm door for your home.

    Storm Doors for Hot and Cold Weather

    Glass panels in a storm door allow light and warmth to pass through, illuminating either the home or the second door. The heat from a glass door can be quite welcome in the winter, but the opposite may be true during the summer months. Heat may get trapped between the glass door and the entry door, causing the entry door to warp. Screens, on the other hand, allow heat to transfer freely between the outside and inside, which is more agreeable in warmer weather. 

    Determine How Much Security You Need

    A storm door can serve many functions. It can enhance the home’s appearance, allow sunshine and fresh air to enter the home, and provide added security. For people who desire extra protection against break-ins, a storm door with a high-end lock system may be a viable option. Some storm doors feature metal grilles or shatter resistant glass which will help deter any unwelcome visitors. 

    Find the Right View

    Some storm doors allow maximum visibility because they are made of glass from top to bottom. Others offer a view through the top half of the door only. A full glass panel allows a great deal of heat and light to pass through, so homeowners often choose doors with built-in blinds. Partial panels have a smaller surface area than full panels, so they are less likely to be broken by a stray ball or other object. A partial panel offers less visibility than a full panel does, but some owners prefer this type of storm door because replacement glass is more budget-friendly.

    Storm doors are welcome additions to most homes. Adding or replacing a storm door requires sifting through countless options of materials and styles. Although there are plenty of factors to consider, we have listed some of the primary determinants in figuring out which type of storm door will work best for your home entry. Call Thomas V. Giel Garage Doors, Inc. today for complete details on all entry, storm, and patio doors. For more helpful information about improving your home, browse the Thomas V. Giel Garage Doors, Inc. blog