Protecting Your Garage Door Springs This Winter

Giel Garage Doors-Protecting Your Garage Door Springs This Winter

The freezing temperatures that can come along with winter are hard on your garage door springs. Find out how you can minimize the effects of cold on garage door springs in the winter time. 

Cold Weather and Your Garage Door Springs 

Cold winters often bring snowball fights, sledding, and cozy evenings at home. Unfortunately for a garage door, the low temperatures can cause issues with your garage door springs. The springs on a garage door maintain the doors balance, as well as offset the weight of the door itself. This allows the door to be raised with minimal effort and lowered gently to prevent damage. The main problem during the cold weather is that garage door springs become more brittle when they are very cold, leaving them vulnerable. Fortunately there are several ways to reduce the cold weather’s effect on your garage door springs.  

Rest the Garage Door Springs on Warmer Days 

Garage door springs are under the most tension when your garage door is closed. This means that during cold weather months, the springs are likely to be under tension almost 24 hours per day. If you happen to have some unseasonably warm days, consider leaving your garage door open for a couple of hours each day to allow the springs to rest. 

Proper Garage Door Maintenance 

There are several factors that can prevent the failure of a garage door spring including preventing rust, proper spring lubrication, and regular door maintenance. Repair leaks in your garage, and check your system regularly for rust damage. Garage door springs should also be properly lubricated up to 3 times per year. Professional garage door service is recommended at least annually. A qualified garage door technician will inspect and lubricate your garage door system thoroughly to ensure that everything is in peak condition.  

Keeping You Garage Door Springs Warmer

During the coldest days of the year, you can protect your garage door springs by keeping your garage warmer than the outside. The best way to do this is proper insulation, particularly on your garage door. Well insulated garage doors and walls will help maintain a reasonable temperature inside the garage and protect your garage door springs as well.   

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