Preparing Your Awning for Winter Weather

Giel Garage Doors-Preparing Your Awning for Winter Weather

Ice, snow, and the major fluctuations in temperature that come along with a cold winter could present some concerns for your awning. Here is what you need to know to protect your awning from these conditions. 

Inspect your awning for damage, and make needed repairs. 

While the weather is still nice, it is a good idea to inspect your awning to locate any possible damage from spring, summer, and fall use. Look carefully at seams for loose thread or missing stitches. Be sure to note any fabric tears or weak spots. It is much more economical to have minor repairs taken care of than it is to replace an awning when a small tear spreads. 

Keep your awning clean. 

In regions with very cold winters, the falling leaves always precede the freezing temperatures. It is important to make sure that your awning is clean, and free of leaves and debris before jack frost arrives. A fabric awning can be cleaned with a hose to remove dust, pollen, and other particles brought in by the wind. If needed, a gentle scrub brush with mild dish soap can be used for a deeper clean. Be sure that the awning is completely dry to avoid mold and other moisture related problems. 

Store the awning in a protected location during the winter. 

While it is still clean and dry, it is best to retract the awning so that no snow or ice will build up on the surface. These conditions can make the awning brittle and harsh winter wind can create tearing. Moisture through the cold months can cause added damage to the awning. Once the awning is retracted, make sure that all the fabric is fully covered by the housing. Any exposed pieces of the awning would be exposed to the harsh conditions and could become weak points at a later time. Additionally, rolled or folded fabric can attract insects during cold months, so it is also a good idea to have the stored awning protected with a winter cover.

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