• Spring Cleaning & Maintenance for Your Awning

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    Having your awning clean and clear can help prevent damage and ensure your patio looks in tip-top shape when guests come to visit. In this article, we discuss how to maintain your aluminum and retractable awnings Pittsburgh.

    Fixed Aluminum Awning Maintenance

    The best way to care for your fixed aluminum awning is to begin by clearing off debris that may have accumulated over the fall and winter. It’s best not to wait until it’s extremely dirty to begin cleaning, as it can begin to rust or cause other possible damage. The less maintenance you do on your awning, the more problems can arise. Next, you will want to grab a ladder and a broom to clear any debris that might have collected on your awning. Be cautious and don’t stand directly beneath the awning while trying to remove the debris with a broom. You could be injured by a falling branch or a larger item. Debris can also damage your awning, so be careful when removing larger objects. Secondly, the easiest way to wash your awning is by using a pressure washer. Lastly, inspect for any signs of damage and if there is anything that needs to be repaired, be sure to call a professional.

    Retractable Awning Maintenance

    Caring for your retractable awning involves a couple of extra steps since the awning has more moving parts. Start by using your ladder and broom to remove all debris that has accumulated. Next, you will want to begin washing the awning using a cloth or soft brush using a gallon of water with some mild natural soap or dish liquid. If you notice any buildup of mildew, add a cup of bleach to your solution to remove it. Ensure that you have cleaned the entirety of it as any leftover soap will get chalky which will accumulate over time and add to the cleaning time later. After that, you can move on to hosing down the frame and fabric of the awning and check to be sure it’s completely dry before retracting it. If you happen to notice any damage while cleaning the awning, be sure to let a professional know so they can make those repairs or get the awning re-covered for you in time for summer. To maintain the cleanliness of your awning, rinse it with a hose and, using a broom, brush the underside of it on a monthly basis.

    Remember to retract your awning before it rains or gets over 20mph winds to prevent weather damage. Additionally, the acid produced by vines and shrubbery can be damaging to the fabric, so try to keep all plant life away from your awning. If you’re interested in installing fixed or retractable awnings Pittsburgh, PA, call Thomas V. Giel Garage Doors today.