The Pros and Cons of Windowed Garage Doors in the Summer

Giel Garage Doors-The Pros and Cons of Windowed Garage Doors in the Summer

The scorching summer months can be a trying time for homeowners. One thing that complicates matters is deciding on the right type of garage door, especially when it comes to windows. Windowed garage doors offer a range of advantages, but there are also drawbacks to consider. In this blog, we’ll explore the pros and cons of windowed garage doors in the summer so you can make an informed decision.


The biggest advantage of windowed garage doors is that it adds extra light into your space, which may be helpful during the darker days of summer. Windowless doors can make any area look overly dark and uninviting. With windows, you can brighten up your space and make it look more inviting. Additionally, the added light can help reduce energy costs since you won’t have to turn on any lights during the day.

Another bonus of windowed garage doors is that they add extra style to your home. It’s easy to customize windowed doors to suit your personal taste, and you can find a wide variety of styles available. Windowless garage doors don’t have as much potential for customization and may not be able to match the overall aesthetic of your home.


One of the drawbacks of having windowed garage doors is that it can reduce privacy. Unless you have window treatments, it’s easy for anyone to look in and see what’s inside your garage. This can be an issue if you keep valuable items like tools or machines in the space. It’s also possible that the windows could let in too much sun during the summer months, making your garage overly hot and uncomfortable.

Windowless garage doors can also be a bit more secure than windowed ones. While it’s still possible for someone to break into your garage, it’s harder for them to do so without windows. So if security is a major concern, you may want to go with a door that doesn’t have any windows.

Choose the Right Garage Door for Your Business

With the right garage door decision, you can enjoy a comfortable and stylish garage all year round. Think about factors like security, style, and energy efficiency. Ultimately, you want to choose a garage door that both looks good and provides adequate protection from the summer heat.

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