How Fire Doors Can Save Lives in the Event of a Fire

gielgaragedorrs-How Fire Doors Can Save Lives in the Event of a Fire

Each year there are an average of over 350,000 house fires in the US. Thankfully, most result in only property damage, but many people are injured by burns or smoke inhalation and nearly 3,000 people die each year in house fires. 

Fire doors help keep the number of deaths low and using them properly can help get it even lower. Here’s how fire doors can save lives in the event of a fire.

They Starve the Fire

Fires thrive on oxygen. As a fire rages inside a building, the oxygen quickly burns up, but this usually isn’t a problem for the fire as it keeps pulling in a fresh supply of oxygen. 

However, closed fire doors help inhibit the flow of oxygen, helping to smother or at least weaken the fire.

They Slow the Fire

In many cases, buildings aren’t necessarily sealed enough that the fire will extinguish itself because of a lack of oxygen. However, limiting the oxygen does slow the spread of the fire. This offers anyone in the building extra time to escape. 

They Protect Escape Routes

The flames themselves aren’t the biggest danger to people trying to escape a fire. In fact, many people die of smoke inhalation before the fire ever reaches them. 

Fire doors help keep escape routes clear of the treacherous smoke and gasses that accompany a fire. Sometimes that’s all you need to safely make it outside.

Interested in Fire Doors?

While any door will offer a certain amount of protection, the big problem is that they might be open at the time of the fire. Then they become useless, except as fodder for the fire if they are wooden! 

Fire doors are designed to close automatically in the event of an emergency. Plus, they are made from materials that won’t burn easily, which does more to help slow the spread of the flames. 

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