How Can a Storm Door Protect Your Home Against Extreme Weather?


Ways That Storm Doors Protect Your Home During Extreme Weather

A storm door is your first line of defense against the elements. Learn why it’s a great addition to a home.

A Water Barrier

Standard doors can’t effectively defend a house against flooding because water will slowly seep underneath the threshold. With a storm door, your home will have an extra layer of protection if excessive rainfall causes flooding. The key is the vinyl sweep. It seals the gap between the threshold and door slab. A storm door also has a drip cap. If any water flows down the door, the drip cap will channel it into a tapered section on the threshold.

Practical Insulation

Storm doors are great in the event of power outages because they’re insulated. If you power up a whole-home generator and your HVAC system, an insulated storm door will help hold the heat within your home.

A Barrier Against Bugs

A storm door’s setup is better because it keeps insects away from the primary door. Extreme weather can often attract swarms of bugs, such as mosquitos. These kinds of bugs like to build nests near standing water after rainstorms. If you open your usual door in the spring or summer, nothing will stop these bugs from entering your home. A storm door adds a second layer of protection and a stronger defense against those pesky bugs. 

Great Components for Convenience and Long-Lasting Protection

Storm doors are high-quality products. If you have one installed, it will protect your home for a long time. Many wonderful designs are available. Here are some features and benefits:

  • A storm door with full-size panels let in plenty of light.
  • A storm door with a wire screen provides good airflow.
  • A storm door with a kick plate better protects the door.

Install a storm door this season, and have peace of mind when extreme weather strikes. Contact Thomas V. Giel Garage Doors, Inc. today, and set up an appointment for our storm door installation services. We’re a family-owned business, and we’ve been installing doors since 1950.