How to Modernize Your Garage

custom garage doors

Garage entrance with sectional doors. 3d illustration

Modernizing your garage is one of the easiest and most effective ways to increase its functionality, improve the aesthetics of your entire house and add to your house’s curb appeal. If you are not sure how to kick off this process, here are 5 things you can do to modernize your garage and create the space you’ve always wanted.

1. Upgrade the garage door

The garage door is often the first part of your house that people notice. So, why not use it to make a great first impression? Let your home stand out with a custom-made garage door. Custom garage doors can be designed to match your driveway gates, front door, or just the overall style of your home. This will immediately increase the curb appeal of your home.

2. Transform your garage into a smart garage

Garage door technology has rapidly improved in the last couple of years. The trend for garage doors over the last couple of years is ease and convenience. One way to modernize your garage door and have it stand out from the crowd is by installing a Smart Wi-Fi Controller. This fully automates the garage door and allows you to open, close, and monitor it from anywhere at any time.

3. Upgrade the floor

Your garage floor has suffered extreme wear and tear over the years, therefore it is a good idea to also focus on the floor. You can give the floor a good pressure washing and repair noticeable cracks. You can also cover the concrete floor with Rhino Linings polyaspartic coating for a durable, clean and attractive surface. 

4. Add a smart security camera.

The garage has always been a target for burglars and intruders. One surefire way to protect your home from intruders is to add a motion-activated smart security camera in front of your garage. 

Often these cameras have built-in lights and can be a great deterrent for intruders who view your home as an easy target. For even better security, install a model you can operate with your smartphone. This allows you to monitor your house regardless of your location. 

5. Consider ceiling storage 

Your garage has a finite amount of space, but its potential to be used as storage space can be expanded. If you’ve reached your limits with floor space and wall space, just lookup. The ceiling can be a great place for long-term storage of seasonal items such as holiday decorations. 

The home of your dreams deserves an equally aesthetically and modern garage. Modernize your garage using the above-mentioned tips to not only make it more attractive, but also more enjoyable. If you’re ready to upgrade your garage door or just want to better understand our process for creating custom garage doors, contact Thomas V. Giel Garage Doors for more information.