5 Tips for a “Green” Garage


Green Garage


Reducing our “carbon footprint” is a topic of growing concern, and many eco-conscious families are focusing more effort into protecting the environment. Many facets of daily living can become more environmentally friendly, including the home itself. Here are a few tips for a “greener” garage.

Install Insulation

As an alternative to electric heating/cooling, try installing eco-friendly insulation in garage walls. Insulation allows the garage to maintain a more moderate temperature. By preventing the garage from becoming extremely hot or extremely cold, you significantly reduce the amount of electricity needed to make the garage comfortable.

Weatherproof the Interior Door

Air transfers between the garage and the home each time the interior door is opened. This movement will bring garage-temperature air into the home. Heating and air conditioning have to work harder to adjust for the garage’s air. Heat transfer can also occur if a closed door isn’t properly weatherproofed. To reduce air flow, ensure the weather-stripping and caulk are present and in good condition.

Update the Garage Door

As with the interior door, a weatherproof garage door can help a garage stay clean and comfortable. Weatherstripping should be intact, and there should be no major gaps between the door and the walls. You can minimize heat transfer by installing a triple-layer garage door. Many retailers offer eco-friendly garage doors.

Install a Window

A well-placed window provides natural light, reducing electrical usage during the day. Whether installing a new window or upgrading an existing one, make sure it has multiple panes and is filled with a non-toxic gas. Ensure the seals on a window are tight, and add caulk around the frame if needed. An existing window may benefit from new weather stipping if needed.

Use Better Lighting

When it’s dark outside, a window cannot provide enough light for the garage. LED lights work well and are energy efficient. Remember to turn the lights off when they’re not being used. For localized lighting (such as at a workbench,) try a lamp or lantern instead of several overhead lights. Natural light can be utilized during the day, and solar panels can be used on the roof to harvest sunlight.

For those who want to help the environment, even small changes can have an impact. Many people become conscious of recycling and energy consumption. Home updates, including the garage, can help reduce “carbon footprints.” Consider these ideas to make your garage a little bit more “green.” For more helpful information about garage doors, browse the Thomas V. Giel Garage Doors, Inc. blog