Cold Weather and Garage Doors: Common Problems and Solutions


Winter in Pennsylvania can be a beautiful, snowy spectacle, but it’s not always a friend to your home’s mechanisms, especially the garage doors. As temperatures drop, several common problems can arise with garage doors, leading to frustration and inconvenience. However, with the right knowledge and maintenance tips, you can keep your garage door functioning smoothly all winter long.

1. Contracting Metal

If you notice your garage door sticking or becoming misaligned, the culprit could be the contracting metal due to the cold. This common issue happens because low temperatures cause metal components to contract. Regularly lubricate the tracks, hinges, rollers, and pulley system with a silicone-based lubricant. This maintenance step can keep your garage door moving smoothly, regardless of the temperature outside.

2. Worn or Broken Springs

Your garage door may be difficult to open or close during colder months. Often, this is due to garage door springs becoming brittle and breaking in cold weather. Dealing with broken springs is a task for professionals. It’s essential to call a trained expert, like those at Thomas V. Giel Garage Doors, to repair or replace the affected springs, ensuring your door operates safely and efficiently.

3. Motor Malfunctions

Cold weather can also take a toll on your garage door’s motor. If you’re experiencing a malfunctioning or completely non-working garage door motor, it’s important to have a professional check the motor and wiring for any damage. In such situations, professional repair or replacement of faulty components is crucial to restoring functionality.

4. Ice Formation 

Garage doors with multiple panels are more susceptible to moisture, which can freeze in winter, causing the door to lock up. A quick visual inspection can reveal this issue. If you spot ice in the panels, a simple solution is to use a hairdryer on a moderate setting to melt the ice. Remember to clean up any resulting moisture to prevent refreezing.

5. Brittle Weather Stripping

Another winter challenge is the weather stripping around your garage door becoming brittle and cracking. This can let cold air into your garage. The best approach is to clear away snow and puddles regularly to prevent the weather stripping from freezing to the ground and replace it if it’s damaged.

Get Professional Help Today!

Winter in Pennsylvania doesn’t have to mean trouble for your garage door. With the right care and professional support, you can ensure your garage door remains a reliable and functional part of your home all season long. For expert garage door maintenance and repair, don’t hesitate to contact Thomas V. Giel Garage Doors. We’re here to help you weather the winter without garage door woes.