4 Tips for Securing Your Garage Door to Prevent a Break-In

Having a garage door is convenient, yet at the same time a garage door is one of the most vulnerable parts of your home. Because Pittsburgh garage doors can leave your home vulnerable to break-ins, we’ve compiled a list of safety tips to secure your garage door and protect your home from potential break-ins.

  1. Be sure to know your neighbors. Nosy neighbors can be a huge deterrent for wannabe burglars. When you leave town for the weekend, or for an extended vacation, will your neighbors be wary of suspicious vehicles in your driveway or your garage door being open? If you don’t know your neighbors, will they even notice that you are out of town? If not, be sure to get to know your neighbors long before you’ll need them to keep an eye on things.

  2. Be sure to keep your garage door closed at all times. While this might seem like an obvious safety measure to take, many homeowners leave their garage doors open frequently. This not only leaves your home vulnerable to break-ins, but it also advertises what you have stored in your garage. Potential thieves love it when you leave your garage door open, making their job easier.

  3. Hide your garage door remote. Many homeowners who have a garage door remote have it clipped to the visor in their car. While having it clipped to your visor is convenient for you, it is time to move the remote where it isn’t so easily seen. When your remote is in plain sight, like on your visor, this makes it easier for a potential thief to steal it out of your car, especially if your car is sitting in the driveway unlocked.

  4. Lock the door to your house. All homes have a door that leads from the garage into the living part of the house. Many homeowners leave this door unlocked, due to the false security that they feel when their garage door is closed. This makes it easy for thieves who make it into your garage to walk right into your house without any deterrent from your locked door. Not only are you making it easy for someone to break into your home by leaving the door open, but they will also be concealed inside your garage, shielding them from people driving passed your home.

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