3 Types of Garage Door Openers

While most garage door openers have similar designs and functions, there are different options available. All garage doors are equipped with a trolley that is attached to the door, pulling the door open, or pushing it closed. Each trolley is also connected to a motor that drives the trolley along a rail. The biggest difference between the different models of openers is how the motor moves the trolley up and down the rail. There are three main types of openers that are commonly found on residential garage doors.

Chain-Drive: this particular model uses a metal chain to drive the trolley, opening and closing the garage door. While this option tends to be the most economical choice available, they also create noise and vibrations that can become irritating over time if the garage is connected to the home, located next to or under living space. For a garage that is not attached to the home, this model is a great choice!

Belt-Drive: this model is very similar to that of a chain-driven model, except it uses a belt rather than a chain to move the trolley. This model is also quieter than the chain model, and consists of fewer moving parts. With fewer moving parts to worry about, the belt drive model requires less maintenance than other models.

Screw-Drive: Instead of relying on a chain or belt to move the trolley along the rail, the screw-drive model uses a threaded steel rod. The rod’s rotation is what moves the trolley along the rail, raising and lowering the door as it moves along. This model is generally quieter than the chain-drive model, and like that of the belt-drive, has fewer moving parts, thus less maintenance. But it is much louder than the belt/chain driven machines.

Depending on the model of garage door opener that you select, there are added features that can make one model more appealing than another. To learn what options are going to work best for your specific needs, visit with the professionals at Thomas V. Giel Garage Doors and get the opener that you’ll be satisfied with for years to come!