• Protecting Your Garage Door Springs This Winter

    Giel Garage Doors-Protecting Your Garage Door Springs This Winter

    The freezing temperatures that can come along with winter are hard on your garage door springs. Find out how you can minimize the effects of cold on garage door springs in the winter time. 

    Cold Weather and Your Garage Door Springs 

    Cold winters often bring snowball fights, sledding, and cozy evenings at home. Unfortunately for a garage door, the low temperatures can cause issues with your garage door springs. The springs on a garage door maintain the doors balance, as well as offset the weight of the door itself. This allows the door to be raised with minimal effort and lowered gently to prevent damage. The main problem during the cold weather is that garage door springs become more brittle when they are very cold, leaving them vulnerable. Fortunately there are several ways to reduce the cold weather’s effect on your garage door springs.  

    Rest the Garage Door Springs on Warmer Days 

    Garage door springs are under the most tension when your garage door is closed. This means that during cold weather months, the springs are likely to be under tension almost 24 hours per day. If you happen to have some unseasonably warm days, consider leaving your garage door open for a couple of hours each day to allow the springs to rest. 

    Proper Garage Door Maintenance 

    There are several factors that can prevent the failure of a garage door spring including preventing rust, proper spring lubrication, and regular door maintenance. Repair leaks in your garage, and check your system regularly for rust damage. Garage door springs should also be properly lubricated up to 3 times per year. Professional garage door service is recommended at least annually. A qualified garage door technician will inspect and lubricate your garage door system thoroughly to ensure that everything is in peak condition.  

    Keeping You Garage Door Springs Warmer

    During the coldest days of the year, you can protect your garage door springs by keeping your garage warmer than the outside. The best way to do this is proper insulation, particularly on your garage door. Well insulated garage doors and walls will help maintain a reasonable temperature inside the garage and protect your garage door springs as well.   

    If you are interested in more information about service for your garage door springs, call the professionals at Thomas V. Giel Garage Doors, Inc. at 724-443-1437. 

  • Ideas for Decorating Your Garage for the Holidays

    Giel Garage-Ideas for Decorating Your Garage for the Holidays

    The holiday season is in full swing! There is no better time than now to put up your Christmas decorations and start sprucing up your home for the holidays. At the same time, don’t limit yourself to just decorating inside your home with Christmas decorations. Take the time to decorate your garage door in a way that will make you want to jump with joy. With a few inexpensive supplies and a little imagination, anyone can turn their garage door into a fantastic postcard with a holiday theme. Here are some exciting garage door decorating ideas, perfect for making your garage door the talk of the town.

    Projections For The Holidays

    The market is full of affordable holiday projectors online and in-store, perfect for entertaining your entire neighborhood. Consider investing in a projector if you want to display elaborate holiday-inspired scenes or special effects on your garage door. 

    A Giant Gift Box

    Make your garage door a gift that keeps on giving. Turn up the festive charm by embellishing it with a grand ribbon and giant red bows. To create a giant curtain for your garage door, you can cut colorful strips from sheets, and adorn it with felt balls, plush fabric, or huge ribbons. 

    Lighting and Garlands
    For a classic and elegant holiday look, decorate your garage with Christmas decorations, lights, and garlands. For a wintery glow, add sparkling snowflake lights, alternating with red and green lights. Your home exterior will be adorned with holiday warmth without being overbearing.

    Christmas Winter Mural

    If you’re looking for ways to make your garage look cheery and festive, the winter months are a great time to get creative. This holiday season, consider painting a mural on your garage door if you want to take your decorations to the next level. Grab some exterior paint and primer and create your very own wintery masterpiece. 

    Now anyone can transform their boring garage door into a vibrant holiday delight with these effortless garage door decorating ideas. Whether you need a residential or commercial garage door, look no further than Thomas V. Giel Garage Doors, Inc. Get in touch with us at 724-443-1437. 

  • Do Awnings Help Cut Down Energy Costs in Winter?

    Giel Garage-Can Awnings Help Reduce Energy Costs in Winter

    The cost of heating and cooling your home can add up over time. However, reducing energy usage and energy costs can make a big impact in the long run. A home’s carbon footprint can be significantly reduced by finding energy-efficient ways to heat and cool it. An efficient method of lowering energy costs is by installing window coverings or awnings. Awnings are not just good for summer savings, they can also help save money on energy during winter.

    What are aluminum awnings?
    Aluminum awnings or overhangs provide a secondary covering mounted to your home’s exterior wall. They’re smart solutions that offer sturdy protection from rain, snow, and sunlight, and they come in a variety of styles and colors. 

    Benefits of aluminum awnings
    1. Awnings result in a significant reduction in energy and utility bills during winter.
    2. They deliver comfort and safety by providing all-weather protection.
    3. Throughout different seasons, awnings are secure, dependable, and durable.
    4. They shield exterior walls, paint, windows, and doors from harsh weather conditions.
    5. They enhance and expand your outdoor living space for fun and relaxation.

    Can aluminum awnings reduce energy costs in winter?
    Yes, adding aluminum awnings to your house will improve its energy efficiency in winter as well as summer. Aluminum awnings can be used year-round due to their ability to endure wind, hail, and snowfall. By trapping heat around the windows, they can help to keep the area around the windows warmer. During the warmer months, your awning will not only keep the sun out of your home, but it can also reduce the amount of heat that enters your house – allowing your air conditioner to run at a lower setting.

    Aluminum awnings or Fabric awnings. Which is better?
    Aluminum awnings are weather-resistant, easy to maintain, and reduce energy bills drastically during winter. They provide protection against rain, snow, and wind, and they are capable of preserving heat inside your home as well. Because aluminum awnings are durable, they require little maintenance. It’s unlikely that they will need repairs or patching as often as fabric awnings during severe weather conditions. Luckily, Thomas V. Giel Garage Doors, Inc. is your one-stop shop for garage doors and awnings installation. Call us at 724 443 1437 to know more about our services. 

  • Preparing Your Awning for Winter Weather

    Giel Garage Doors-Preparing Your Awning for Winter Weather

    Ice, snow, and the major fluctuations in temperature that come along with a cold winter could present some concerns for your awning. Here is what you need to know to protect your awning from these conditions. 

    Inspect your awning for damage, and make needed repairs. 

    While the weather is still nice, it is a good idea to inspect your awning to locate any possible damage from spring, summer, and fall use. Look carefully at seams for loose thread or missing stitches. Be sure to note any fabric tears or weak spots. It is much more economical to have minor repairs taken care of than it is to replace an awning when a small tear spreads. 

    Keep your awning clean. 

    In regions with very cold winters, the falling leaves always precede the freezing temperatures. It is important to make sure that your awning is clean, and free of leaves and debris before jack frost arrives. A fabric awning can be cleaned with a hose to remove dust, pollen, and other particles brought in by the wind. If needed, a gentle scrub brush with mild dish soap can be used for a deeper clean. Be sure that the awning is completely dry to avoid mold and other moisture related problems. 

    Store the awning in a protected location during the winter. 

    While it is still clean and dry, it is best to retract the awning so that no snow or ice will build up on the surface. These conditions can make the awning brittle and harsh winter wind can create tearing. Moisture through the cold months can cause added damage to the awning. Once the awning is retracted, make sure that all the fabric is fully covered by the housing. Any exposed pieces of the awning would be exposed to the harsh conditions and could become weak points at a later time. Additionally, rolled or folded fabric can attract insects during cold months, so it is also a good idea to have the stored awning protected with a winter cover.

    If you are interested in more information about retractable awnings, winterization, or awning accessories, call Thomas V. Giel Garage Doors, Inc. at 724-443-1437. Our friendly, knowledgeable team can help! 


  • Safety Tips for Garage Doors

    One receptor eye of a garage door safety sensor that stops action if the beam is crossed

    A garage door is a convenient addition to any home, allowing safe, convenient entry and protecting your garage space and the contents from the elements. It’s important to utilize proper maintenance and operating procedures to ensure it’s safe to use your garage door. Here are a few tips to follow to make garage doors as safe as possible. 

    Periodically Test the Electronic Controls

    Electric sensors and control units enable modern garage doors to open and close safely. However, if these devices malfunction, your garage door may not sense that a person or animal is in its path.

    When a garage door’s electronic controls sense that something is in its path, it reverses course as a safety feature. A garage door without functional electronic controls is a huge safety hazard and can cause serious injury. 

    Test the sensors by passing an object in front of them when your garage door is closing; it should immediately stop closing. Your sensors are mounted to the side rails a few inches from the ground. 

    Regularly Examine Your Garage Door for Signs of Wear or Damage

    Each month, examine the components of your garage door, like the rollers, hardware, springs, and cables, to confirm that nothing is stretched or broken. If something looks broken or worn out, don’t use your garage door until a professional examines and fixes the damaged component. 

    Encourage Safe Habits

    Make sure that your kids and family members understand safe garage door habits. Your family should understand that the garage door remote isn’t a toy or something for kids to use. Store the remote where it isn’t easily accessible to ensure children don’t accidentally gain access to it.

    Teach your kids to stay away from the springs and garage door hardware, as these components can cause injury. Tell them to wait until the garage door is completely open and finished moving before going underneath it. 

    Increase the Safety of Your Garage Door

    Thomas V. Giel Garage Doors, Inc. has the experience and knowledge to fix any issues that cause your garage door to pose a safety risk. Contact us at 724-443-1437 to get started. 


  • Why Fall is a Great Time to Replace Garage Doors

    Garage with old style side hinged wooden doors

    If your garage door is starting to show signs of wear and tear or it just doesn’t work properly, it may be time to replace it. While it might seem inconvenient to replace your garage door, fall is a terrific time for garage door replacement for a few different reasons.

    You’ll Better Insulate Your Home Against Chilly Winter Temperatures

    Your garage door plays an important role in insulating your commercial or residential space. A door with poor insulating properties or damaged areas will make it harder and more expensive to keep your garage at a comfortable temperature. This will also cause rooms beside or above the garage to be less energy efficient. 

    It’s Easier to Install a Garage Door in the Fall

    Replacing a garage door exposes the garage to outside temperatures during the replacement period. Installing your new garage door in the fall means that you won’t be exposing your garage space to ultra-cold temperatures. 

    Winter is a less-than-ideal time to install a new garage door. Unexpected precipitation and frigid weather can affect your garage space, and unfavorable travel conditions can delay the arrival of your new door.

    Fall is less likely to have weather-related delays, and if delays do occur, they’ll have less disruption on your home or business. 

    You’ll Have More Convenient Access to Your Home

    The fall and winter months are busy times for homes and businesses. You may have a host of holiday gatherings to attend or expect high customer volume. A new garage door makes it fast and convenient for you to open, close, and access your garage.

    Thanks to smart garage technology, you can even open and close your gatrage door when you’re away from your home. If out-of-town holiday guests show up early or you need to allow employees unexpected access to the space, you can do so remotely. 

    Get Started on Your Garage Door Replacement

    Thomas V. Giel Garage Doors, Inc. is ready to help with your residential or commercial garage door replacement. Contact us at 724-443-1437 to get started. 

  • Solutions for Loud Garage Doors

    Applying oil to a chain of a garage door opener

    When you open or close your garage door, it’s worrisome to hear a lot of noises or screeching when it’s operating. If you have a residential garage, you may worry that the noise is disruptive to your neighbors. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to fix a loud garage door. 

    Adjust the Chain Drive

    If your garage door opener uses a chain drive, you should check that the chain is properly adjusted. Though chain-drive garage door openers tend to be a bit noisier than other alternatives, tightening the chain may reduce the noise that it makes. 

    Replace Worn-Out Rollers

    The rollers are attached to the sides of your garage door and sit inside of the track. They help your garage door move smoothly when you open and close it.

    When the rollers start to wear out, they make more noise. If worn-out rollers are the cause of your loud garage door, replacing them will solve this issue. Consider replacing your rollers with nylon rollers; nylon rollers are the quietest roller option for your residential garage door. 

    Check the Placement of Your Garage Door Opener

    It’s normal for a garage door opener to vibrate a little when it opens or closes your garage door. If your garage door opener isn’t installed in the correct location, these vibrations will cause your garage door opener to rattle against your ceiling.

    You can solve this issue by installing anti-vibration pads that stifle the vibrations. Another option is to reinstall your garage door opener so that it doesn’t come into contact with your ceiling. 

    Lubricate Your Door

    Without proper lubrication, your garage door’s components will rub against each other and cause excessive noise. Regular lubrication will help the hinges, springs, and roller bearings operate smoothly and quietly. 

    Get Help with Your Loud Garage Door

    Thomas V. Giel Garage Doors, Inc. is ready to help you diagnose and fix the source of noisy residential garage doors. We also offer garage replacement. Contact us at 724-443-1437. 

  • Adding a High-Speed Door to Your Business

    Thomas V. Giel Garage Doors, Inc. - Adding a High

    Is your business in the market for a new commercial garage door? If so, it’s important to ensure you’re getting the most out of your purchase. This can be achieved by installing a high-speed door.

    Adding a high-speed door to your business can be an excellent way to improve the efficiency of the staff and the overall workflow.

    What Are High-Speed Doors?

    High-speed doors are high-performance doors that open and close quickly and are typically used in commercial and industrial settings. They can be made from a variety of materials, such as fabric and rubber, but most are made from aluminum or steel.

    The Benefits of High-Speed Doors

    Below are some of the benefits associated with using a high-speed door: 

    – Durability. A high-speed door can withstand harsh conditions and a lot of wear and tear, so it’ll last longer than other doors.

    – Energy efficiency. These doors use less energy than traditional garage doors because they don’t have as many moving parts. They also provide insulation from both heat and cold, which means lower utility bills year-round.

    – Improve Operational Efficiency. A high-speed door will significantly decrease your wait time, and thanks to a lift system, it won’t take any extra effort on your employees’ part to raise or lower the door.

    – Prevent Damage. The automatic control and opening/closing mechanism of a high-speed door help prevent damage caused by people bumping into the door while entering or exiting.

    – High-speed doors also increase the security of your premises since they are harder to break through and have better security features. In addition, they can help improve indoor air quality by keeping out dust, pollen, and other airborne contaminants.

    What Kinds of Businesses Can Benefit From Them?

    Do you have a facility that regularly deals with traffic in and out or crucially requires quick access? If so, you might want to consider adding a high-speed door. What makes them so beneficial is that they are extremely versatile and can be tailored to your business’s needs. They are therefore ideal for industries such as food processing plants, breweries, warehouses, emergency rooms, distribution centers, and more.

    Upgrade to a special-function high-speed door from Thomas V. Giel Garage Doors, Inc. today. We have plenty of options to choose from and can custom design the perfect door for your needs. Contact us for more information.


  • 4 Benefits of Having an Awning

    Thomas V. Giel Garage Doors, Inc. - 4 Benefits of Having an Awning

    Awnings are coverings that are installed over an outdoor space. Often used on patios or over a window, they help protect you from the elements and improve your outdoor areas. 

    But they more than protect your space from rain. If you’re considering installing an awning, they might have more benefits than you previously thought. Here are 4 of the top benefits of having an awning.

    Increase your outdoor space

    One of the top reasons families choose to install awnings is to increase useable space in their homes. An awning can help provide shade in the warmer months and block out light rain on cloudy days. This way you can spend more time outside and enjoy time on your patio or in your yard.

    A retractable awning can make your space more flexible by extending further or closer as necessary.

    Make your home more energy efficient

    Adding an awning to your residential property can help block direct sunlight in the summer months. By reducing sun rays, you can reduce the heat in your home – saving on air conditioning costs and reducing your carbon footprint.

    Protect from UV rays

    An awning that’s strategically placed over a window or doorway can reduce the amount of direct sunlight coming into your home. Not only are excessive UV rays harmful for you and your family, but they can also damage and discolor furniture and finishes over time. 

    An awning can provide up to 80% SPF protection and increase the longevity of the interior of your home.

    Improve privacy

    If you have outdoor spaces that directly face neighbors, awnings can help block direct views into your home. While they don’t give complete privacy, like window coverings, awnings also don’t block out all the natural light. Giving you the best of both worlds.

    Awnings can also improve the privacy of your outdoor spaces.

    Get an awning for your home today

    A professional can help evaluate your outdoor spaces and suggest an awning that will maximize the benefits for you and your home. From retractable to fixed awnings, Thomas V. Giel Garage Doors, Inc. has a selection for everyone. Contact us today to explore our selection of awnings.

  • Benefits of a Three-Layer Insulated Door

    Thomas V. Giel Garage Doors Inc. - Benefits of a Three-Layer Insulated Door

    Garage doors are often thought of as purely functional items, but they can be much more than that. In fact, your door can be an excellent way to improve the overall appeal of your home or commercial building’s exterior while also increasing safety and security.

    A three-layer insulated sectional garage door perfectly plays the security role and more. Having the best three-layer insulated garage doors is essential, and a great investment for your home or business—here are five reasons why you should invest in one today!


    With three layers of protection, your door will be better able to withstand the elements and day-to-day wear and tear, making it more durable.

    Protection From the Elements

    Whether it’s extreme heat or cold, your garage door will help keep your home at a comfortable temperature. This will help protect your car and other belongings from weather damage. 

    Energy Efficiency

    Traditional garage doors are only single-layer, meaning they don’t do much to keep heat in or out. But a three-layer door has two additional layers of insulation, making it much more effective at regulating temperature. This can help save you money on your energy bills, as well as make your home more comfortable year-round.


    If you live in an area with a lot of traffic or other external noise, a three-layer insulated garage door can be a great way to reduce the amount of noise that comes into your home. Additionally, if you have a home workshop or studio, the door’s soundproofing properties can be essential to avoid disturbing your neighbors. 

    Less Maintenance

    Since sectional three-layer garage doors are made with high-quality materials and can withstand extreme weather conditions and the wear and tear of daily use, they require less maintenance than other types of garage doors. This also means you won’t have to replace your door often, saving you money in the long run.

    Get Your Three-Layer Insulated Door Today!

    If you’re looking for a high-quality, durable garage door, a three-layer insulated door from Thomas V. Giel Garage Doors, Inc is just what you need. Contact us today for an installation.